The Orchid School proudly announces its collaboration with Lange Tafel, Germany for bringing the "LONG TABLE" project to Pune. This Project is conceptualized by Ms. Isabella Mamatis from Germany. Internationally, this project has so far travelled to LOS ANGELES, USA and Pune, India. The Orchid School has been chosen as the first partner for 2017.

Click here for a preview of the 'Long Table' project at Berlin and Los Angeles

The "LONG TABLE" Concept

TOS believes in culturally enriched children and hence, this year ayear-long concert has been specially planned for Class 7. We wish to expose our students to a different type of concert wherein they will experience the art of “narrative staging in the public space”. It is an oral history program and festive open-air event that occurs in three stages (or “Acts”) designed to inspire dialogue between cultures and generations on the topic of migration. It is prevalent in Germany and is known as the Lange Tafel festival.

The "Long Table" - an educational project

The Long Table comes alive through a process of mutual education and reflection of generations & cultures.The project is intended to develop empathy for the diverse and different cultural communities in India and for the migration experiences of people from around the world. In the secondary use of this study - plays, dance, music, creative workshops, open space events and exhibitions would arise.

A prelude to the "Long Table " was conducted in March 2017

for the students and parents of class VII