Next Mandatory Meeting

Wednesday Feb. 21


Civil Air Patrol

Semper Vigilans Alway Vigilant

Types of Events

  1. Mandatory Meeting: All NCLA CAP cadets required to attend. Consists of leadership development, drill, safety, and CAP training.
  2. Specialty Flights: Open to all cadets. This is where cadets become specialized in areas of their choosing. Examples include: Honor guard, aerospace, ranger, etc.
  3. Cadet Staff Meeting: Regular sessions wherein the Staff (leadership) meet to discuss and develop the NCLA's CAP program.
  4. Training Weekend(s): Specialty training open to all Cadets. Includes activities like ranger training and introductory flights.

Attendance Policy

  1. Student must contact Mr. Bay and Lt. Col Gonzales before the meeting and notify both of your intended absence.
  2. Please see the attendance policy, which is posted under "Policies and Procedures," for the full attendance policy.