Raffle tickets are $100 or 2 for $150. No more than 300 raffle tickets will be sold.

The number of tickets sold will determine the CASH prize!

100 or less tickets sold = $2000, 101-200 = $3000, 201-300 = $5000

Partner with friends or family to buy tickets.

Spread the word - tickets can be purchased by anyone!

Click HERE to buy tickets on the TeamApp store.

To purchase group tickets please contact Wena Podger.

Purchase of a raffle ticket enters you into drawing for the cash prize


entry for you to the Raffle Dinner event held at

The NCLA on Saturday, May 5th from 6-8 pm

when the winning numbers will be drawn!

You can determine in advance if you would like to "share" your prize if you make it to the Top 5 numbers remaining on the board. When we get to the Top 5, there is the potential for the prize to be split if all remaining numbers selected that option.

One entry to the Raffle Dinner per tickets purchased. Additional Raffle Dinner tickets may be purchased in the TeamApp store. $10 for children K-8th grade. $20 for children 9th grade - Adult. There is no cost for children PreK and under.

You do not need to be present to win.