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There's only one domain. Once purchased, it may never become available again.

MCT Solutions

The domain is now available for purchase for the first time since 2005. The price is $3,999.

Compare to the price of which sold in Sep 2020 for $6,494, as reported by

If your business or product/service goes by the initials MCT, this will be a great marketing tool for your company. Obtaining a good domain name is like getting a good location in real estate. Just think, how many sales would it take for this domain name to pay for itself? In many industries, it might be less than one. Even if it would take several sales, you only buy it once, and then it's yours forever. Simply continue to pay the annual renewal fee to your domain registrar, like any domain name (typically $10-$15/year).

If you are interested in purchasing, please email the owner at

For each party's protection and peace of mind, the transaction will be conducted through a 3rd party escrow service:

August 2022