Spaces for Community Organizations, Events & Programs

The Lobby

The lobby is an open entry and lounge with a box office, bar and concessions area. This is the main entrance to the Black Box Theater. The space is ideal for socializing and enjoying a beverage or snack before the show begins or during intermission, with direct access to a restroom.

Dimensions: 35x30ft, 1,050sq. ft.

Capacity: up to 50 people

Floyd S.T.E.M. Ed Center

The Music and Teaching Trailer has endless possibilities, consisting of five separate spaces and a full bath. With plenty of windows and a comfortable feel, each space can be customized to fit your needs.

The rooms and dimensions:

Entrance: 18x13 ft., 234 sq. ft., including a full bath

Room 1: 11x13 ft., 143 sq. ft.

Main Room: 22x13 ft., 286 sq. ft.

Hallway: 4x9 ft., 36 sq. ft.

Room A off hallway: 9x9 ft., 81 sq. ft.

Room B off hallway: 13x13 ft., 169 sq. ft., with a 3x5 ft. closet

Total Building Dimensions: 13x68 ft., 884 sq. ft.

The Black Box Theater

The Black Box Theater is a community performance and event space that is equipped with state of the art sound and lighting systems. The main stage performance area can be customized to fit the needs of your event. The use of tables and chairs are included in rental rates. Because the JBC is home to the Floyd Community Theatre Guild, rental of the black box is not always available.

Dimensions: 40x33ft, 1,320 sq. ft.

Capacity: up to 90 people

The Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is the ideal place for your meditation or small group meeting. A beautiful space with plenty of natural light, it currently has comfortable seating for 10 with the potential for more, and is equipped with a TV and video/DVD player.

Dimensions: 20x20ft, 400 sq. ft.

Capacity: up to 15 people

The Dance Studio

The June Bug Dance Studio is an ideal place for dance, yoga, instructional, and therapeutic classes and programs of all kinds. The main studio is equipped with full-length mirrors, sprung dance floors, a room size roll out mat, blue-tooth speaker, CD player and ballet bar. There is a comfortable waiting area accessible to a restroom and Men’s and Women’s dressing area and restrooms. The facility has additional mats and equipment available for use.

Entrance & Waiting Area: 28x10 ft., 280 sq. ft.

Public Restroom: 9x4.5 ft., 40.5 sq. ft.

Main Dance Studio: 40x27 ft., 1,080 sq. ft.

Men’s Dressing & Restroom: 15x10.5 ft., 157.5 sq. ft.


The June Bug Center has an array of equipment that may be used for special events and programs.

Chairs: 100 total, deluxe padded chair

Tables: 1 – 5’ rectangular, 6 – 6’ rectangular, 2 – 8’ rectangular, 3 - 5’ round,

Instruments: Kawai Baby Grand Piano

Other: industrial coffee makers, pump pots, small stove and oven, pop-corn machine, and refrigerator.