Robot Assistants

RobotAssTTM works collaboratively with operators to delivery higher throughput and improved accuracy. These robot assistants can move autonomously to find an operator at specific work stations. It can also follow an operator to support pick tasks or put-away activities. This process dramatically reduces the "carry-and-move" function of operators, and increases productivity and efficiency of the entire operations.

Key features of RobotAssTTM

  • Automatically learns the most efficient travel routes through your warehouse
  • The zone-based system allows for hands-free picking virtually eliminating errors
  • Flexible design allows it to be configured to meet a wide range of tote and multi-bin picking needs
  • Lightweight design allows the robot assistants to safely operate closely alongside workers and even in mezzanine configurations


Weight: 60 kg (unloaded)

Payload: 100-150 kg

Travel speed: 1 m/s

Charging: 110V or 220V

Charging time: ≈3 hours

Operational time: ≈4 hours