Order picking refers to an operation in which items are retrieved from their storage locations to fulfil customer orders. Order picking has also been identified as a major activity within a warehouse and it consumes about 55% of total warehouse operating costs.

Pickers spend about 55% to 70% of time travelling during order picking.

There are a number of order picking systems currently used in warehouses. Generally, the methods are classified following

  1. who picks the orders (humans or machines) and
  2. who moves (picker or products).

Whichever the method, there needs to be an efficient way to optimise order picking to reduce picker travel time across a warehouse.

The IRIS Router was designed for that.

An efficient pick path is an easy win

What can the IRIS Router do?

  • Produce an efficient picking path for a very large number of orders across a very large number of aisles for a decent number of cross-aisles
  • Dynamically re-generate efficient picking paths as orders are received
  • Start a pick anywhere
  • End a pick anywhere

How the IRIS Router benefits you

  • Pickers walk through the shortest route (save time)
  • Intelligently route from the picker's current location (save even more time)
  • Higher order picks per unit time (more productive)

If you want to reap the benefits of an easy win, do reach out for a chat at