What do we do?

We have been asked a number of times about what we actually do here at The Intelligent Warehouse (TIW) and we thought it would be useful to share some snippets of what goes on behind the scenes.

Here are some scenarios in which clients typically approach us for.

Scenario 1

Pickers spend a significant portion of their time walking

How we help: Provide pickers with a dynamically optimised route for picking with our leading edge software

Scenario 2

Picking activities in the warehouse are labour intensive

How we help: Redesign the picking process to include robot assistants

Scenario 3

Considering a new layout but unsure how to proceed

How we help: Perform analytical simulations to provide greater clarity before the big investment

Scenario 4

Wanting to remove the “black hole” status of their warehouse

How we help: Provide visibility through the Internet-of-Things, sensors and the tracking of resources with our patented streaming technologies

Scenario 5

Trying to innovate and not be labelled a commodity

How we help: Take them through a transformation roadmap with our patented innovation methodology

Scenario 6

Unable to plan resources due to a poor forecast

How we help: Perform predictive analytics with our robust self-learning engines

Scenario 7

Uneven workload across pickers resulting in unhappy workers

How we help: Perform dynamic load balancing of work across the team

If you see the myopia of living in the present, do reach out for a chat at hello@theintelligentwarehouse.com