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Who We Are

Ideal Inspector is the Ideal Choice for Residential Home Inspections in New Jersey. Having a Professional Home Inspection with our Licensed Inspector will Provide You with a Thorough Service that can Protect You, and Your Investment. We Always Carry the Most Advanced Technology to Provide You with Photographic Evidence of Potential Defects in the Homes we Inspect. 

Our Mission

Ideal Inspector's Mission is to Provide Meticulous Home Inspections to the New Jersey Community. Our Success is Tied to the Integrity of our Inspectors, our Commitment to the Consideration of our Clients, and our Passion for Learning the Latest Innovations and Building Practices of our Industry. 

Our Services

ALL Home Inspections in New Jersey MUST be Completed by a Licensed Inspector. 

Home Inspection LIC# 24GI00236300

Please contact our office by calling  (732) 607-8279 or fill out our form HERE to receive a call from someone in our office.

"Lighting Your Way Home" 

“The light of a lighthouse is not judged by its intensity, but by the faithfulness of its rotation.”
– J. M. Barrie

Tips For Homebuyers

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Tips For Homebuyers