How you move is an expression of yourself

Move good. Look good. Feel good. DO GOOD.

Whether it's for health, recovery or sport I can help you move naturally and to your greatest advantage.

Semi-Private Training

In-person training

Like personal training but you share the space with a maximum of 3 others (I'll find them, no stress). Cost savings for you = BIG WIN!


  • Personalized Program design

  • 2 days per week (Tues/Thurs 9 to 11 AM*)

  • Focused coaching, safe and private facility, strict cleaning plan

* Arrive between 9 and 11 AM BUT the session ends at 11 AM sharp, no exceptions

TEEN training

In-person training

Taking athletic experiences, coaching knowledge and mission to help our youth learn solid gym foundations. This program is great for the youth athlete (12 to 18 yrs) looking to learn gym skills and advance themselves physically for their sport(s). Speed and Power is my primary focus.


  • Group setting

  • 2 days per week (Tues/Thurs @ 7 - 8 PM*)

  • Focused coaching, safe and private facility, strict cleaning plan

* Excluding holidays

HubFit Online

Online/At-Home training (Program Design)

Whether you have equipment or not this online program might be the right fit for you. Maybe you're like me and you prefer to workout/train alone or maybe you like other people being there but you prefer a "coach" from afar telling you what to do.

Either way, this could be a your future fitness plan.


  • 4 week program

  • Video feedback on up to 4 exercise videos per week (via WhatsApp)

  • Weekly email check-ins

Personal Training

In-person training

One-on-One training session, no one else but you and I.
This way I can catch you cheating or skipping reps đŸ˜‰ Don't worry, we all do it sometimes.

$315 for 4 sessions OR $500/mo for 2 sessions/week

  • Personalized Program design

  • Scheduled to your life*

  • Focused coaching, safe and private facility, strict cleaning plan

* And within my availability, if we cannot make it work I will refer you to trusted coaches in the area.

* prices include GST