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Fall Roadschoolers Eco-Adventure

On November 17-19, 2023, there was 35 Roadschoolers that joined the 130 Mile Amazing Race! 13 Families were sorted into teams as we explored the Upper, Middle, and Lower Keys. We 🤿snorkeled on a 🛥️catamaran and learned about the haunted history of this famous island chain! We included group events, 🎤team challenges, most of your meals, Sunset Paint 🌅 Glow Party 🌟, Trivia Games 🎲, and 🏅Superlatives 🏆 for everyone!

Hershey Park & Wildflowers

In Spring of 2023, there were 12 Roadschoolers and 5 Families embarked on an 82 Mile journey from Lykens to Lancaster in PA. 🚗 Our roadies had a sweet encounter with the chocolate master himself, and learned some delicious secrets. 🍫 The museum was a wonderland of cocoa, and the park was a blast of fun. 😍 The aroma of chocolate lingered in the air, and we never got tired of it. 😋 The Amish farms and auctions transported us to a different time and place, rich in history and culture. 🐴 Exploring the fields of wildflowers was a magical experience, as we marveled at the beauty and diversity of nature. 🌼

White Sands & Alamo Adventure

In March of 2022, we had 14 roadschoolers and 4 families hit the road for a 640 Mile adventure from the Alamo to White Sands. 🚗 We explored the youngest national park in the country, where we slid down the dazzling dunes of pure gypsum. 🏂 It was an awesome eco-adventure like no other. 😎 The icing on the cake was the Meow-Woof Museum, where we immersed ourselves in quirky and colorful art exhibits. 🐱🐶 It was a trippy and trendy experience of contemporary art. 🌈

Vegas to Yosemite Roadschool

In 2021, we left the glitz and glam of Las Vegas 🎰 and headed to the peaceful beauty of Yosemite 🌲, where 8 Roadschoolers and 3 families traveled 450 miles across the wild west 🤠. We were amazed by the sights and sounds at every twist and turn 🌟. We followed rivers 🌊, dodged fires 🔥, and hiked canyons 🏞️. We learned how to survive and thrive in the toughest terrains of North America 🌎.