About Our Newsletter

Our Masthead shows a Spitfire (not 400 or 411 Squadron markings) flying above the clouds and the name of our newsletter "On Watch" which is taken from the 400 Squadron motto "Percussuri Vigiles" (On the watch to strike)

Apropos of nothing, the 411 Squadron motto was "Inimicus Inimico" which translates to mean 'hostile to an enemy'.

Our Mission

To keep all interested parties of The History Hangar up to date on the many activities, projects and plans of both the 400 Squadron Historical Society and the History Hangar Society (owner and operator of the History Hangar website).

Both these organizations are run solely by unpaid volunteers and are funded only by donations or membership fees.

The 400 Squadron Historical Society's main volunteers are Gerry Gillroy Col (retired), Len Neath Major (retired) and Carl Mills LCol (retired).

Gerry is the President, Len the Treasurer and Carl Mills the historian, project manager, and creative force behind much of what goes on.

The History Hangars's main volunteers are Bill Bishop Cpl (retired), Garry Alexander LAC (retired) and John Tapper LAC (retired).

Bill is the webmaster of the History Hangar, Garry his assistant, and John the 411 Squadron representative.

Bill also keeps on top of all technology changes and ensures the website remains current.

A special thanks to Carl Mills for the written content he has supplied for a number of pages in the History Hangar.

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