Gifted at The GLOBE Academy

Mrs. Burrow

First, thanks for stopping by! This website is designed with GLOBE students in mind who are identified as gifted, are in the gifted identification process, or those who may work and learn at a high level in certain areas.

Gifted and talented students are all around us. They may always be tinkering with an extensive project, creating music of their own, or working to teach others about how to help the environment. They might be struggling in math, but highly creative in writing. They could be passionate and intense, friendly but socially challenged, or an innovative perfectionist.

These students need our support and development to further our school's mission of developing globally minded citizens who have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to effect positive change in our world. Please join myself, your child's teachers, and our school in being that support.

  • MAP Testing @ lower campus begins Monday, August 19th
  • MAP Testing @ upper campus begins Wednesday, August 14
  • All Things Gifted Parent Coffee Talk @ lower campus (geared towards 1st - 8th grade) Thursday, October 3rd 8:30 am