Welcome to the Nursery!!!!

We are excited to share a wonderful academic year with you and my tiny toddlers at the GEMS Genesis International School. We look forward to explore, experience and enhance their potential. We will have so much fun each day and learn so much from each other.

I am inviting you all to the Nursery class site

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • " Nature and Nurture both are very important, balancing the both is an art"
  • " Respect the innate goodness of every child"
  • " Process is more important than the finished product"
  • "Play is an important part of growing up and every curriculum should focus on that too."
  • "Experience with reflection is true experiential learning."
  • "We learn more from our mistakes and failures."
  • "Technology is best friend to mankind, use it to your advantage."
  • "Love and care always comes before education"