Rates and frequently asked questions

What are your fees

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Medical aid patients: We make use of a hybrid rates model, which means we submit claims to certain medical aids at their prescribed rates for most procedures but there will be a consultation fee of R200.00 (not covered by medical aids) payable on the day of the appointment. 

Private patients: Our private patient rate is linked to Profmed medical aid rate and will include a R200.00 consultation fee. Private patients are required to settle the invoice on the day of the appointment.

The R200.00 consultation fee may be discounted:

Injectable skincare:

Medical aids do not cover injectable skincare treatments.

All treatments to be paid in full on the day of the appointment.

Which medical aids do you accept

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What are your payment options/plans

At The Gentle Dentist, we offer a variety of payment methods and payment plans.



More information on Zeropay:


Approval happens in less than a minute.

All done online and no paperwork is required, you just link you bank card.

Repayment works as follows:

Visit www.zeropay.co.za or download their app to open your facility before your appointment and you can then pay using your new facility on the day of your appointment.

More information on Mediwallet:


Approval happens within 30 minutes.

They will only require a color copy of your ID and 3 months bank statements after your application is done.

Repayments works as follows:

Visit  www.mediwallet.co.za , download their app or you can even call them at  087 2100 336 to open your facility before your appointment and then pay using your new facility on the day of your appointment.

What will my medical aid cover

With continued changes to medical aid benefits year after year, each funder’s scheme rules exclude certain treatments and places limits on dental treatments.

Most people think because they have medical aid that the cost of visiting the dentist will always be paid in full, but the reality is with reduced benefits each year, some funds do not always cover the full cost of dental treatments.

To limited unexpected out of pocket expenses we recommend that each medical aid member knows what treatments their medical aid will cover, obtain authorisation if required and understand the rules and limitation of their cover. Please discuss these with your treating dentist before any treatment is done as the account always remains your responsibility even if we submit a claim to your medical aid on your behalf.

Although we charge medical aid rates for most of our treatments, we do have a consultation fee. This fee makes it possible for our practice to provide premium dentistry using quality materials and state of the art equipment. Medical aids do not cover the consultation fee,

Does my medical aid cover treatment in theatre for children

It depends on your medical aid and the age of your child.

Some medical aids do provide cover for dental procedures for children done in theatre.


Discovery for example covers dental procedures in theatre for children under 13 from the hospital benefit on most of their plans .

Do I need an appointment

Yes, please make use of our online booking system or give us a call 012 012 5983

Online bookings 


Can I book online

Yes, you can make use of our online booking platform at: 


Your office hours

Office hours are Monday to Friday for all services.

08:00 to 16:30

We are open selected Saturday mornings for Injectable skincare treatments only.

Where can I find your Informed consent

Dental Informed consent can be found  here