Bring the joy back into parenthood

Supportive guidance for new and expecting parents

Sleep, relationships, and maternal mental health are the top three challenges during the perinatal period.

It may surprise you that these three are often interrelated which is why I specialize in all three. As a new/expecting parent, you deserve to be listened to, respected, and empowered throughout your parenting journey. I am here to offer support and guidance so you can find your balance, trust your instincts, and bring the joy back to parenthood.

Complete Parenting Support

Parenthood can feel really isolating - like there isn't anywhere to turn for support. I help moms/dads/parents look after themselves while remaining attuned to their baby's & children's needs.

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Mental Health

All of the services I provide are collaborative, solution-focused and strength-based. What this means is that you guide the sessions. I listen. Together, we identify your strengths and work towards your health goals whether that relates to sleep, family relationships, or mental health challenges.

I believe that parenting involves some of the most joyous and the most challenging moments - whether that is infertility, loss, sleep disturbances, family relationships, parent-infant relationships, or perinatal mood disorders.

As a new/expecting parent, you deserve to be seen, heard, and supported in your transition to parenthood. It would be an honour to walk beside you in your journey and work together to bring the joy to your parenting journey.