Founder Series for Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be a very isolating experience. You have launched your business and are working hard to grow it. Sometimes, it feels like you are making everything up as you go along, without any real help in learning what it means to lead a company. You don’t have time to get a business degree, so what do you do? Additionally, you may have few people to talk with about it. Your friends and family try to be supportive, but they typically haven’t had the same experience. Good are NOT alone. The Doyenne Founder Series will bring you together with a small cohort of women entrepreneurs who are in the midst of a similar path and an expert facilitator.

The Doyenne Founder Series brings together a cohort of 5-15 women entrepreneurs who are seeking support in developing their identities and skills as CEOs or Executive Directors of startup ventures. As a member of the cohort, you will have access to a curated set of learning materials focused on entrepreneurial leadership, the opportunity to engage your peers in discussions, and support from an expert Doyenne facilitator.

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