Severe Weather


In the event of snow, our main aim is to ensure the safety and well being of all children, parents, carers and staff. This may result in the possibility that the school may have to close for all children or for certain classes, but I must stress only under extreme circumstances. The reason for this is that most teachers live a distance from school, and travel may be very difficult and indeed dangerous for them.

We will of course make every effort to remain open.

Closure is based on careful risk assessment and decision making with the Chair of Governors and Local Authority.

The school should be regarded as open until you hear via one of the following that it is closed:

  • Class Dojo
  • Text message
  • School Website
  • School answerphone
  • Local radio – Key 103, Capital Radio, BBC Manchester
  • Salford website – closures. ​

Text messaging and Class Dojo are our primary contact methods and so it is essential that your contact details are up to date. Please inform the office of new numbers etc. We will also inform parents through the answer phone and the school website.

Any decision to close the school will be made as early as possible. If a decision is made to close the school before the normal end of the school day, we will text message parents and supervise children until the earliest opportunity you are able to collect them. Therefore, parents who are at work or unlikely to be at home will need to make ‘emergency arrangements’ in advance, for child care.

The school website will be updated regularly as a primary mode of communication for instances of severe weather. Please check for regular updates at

If the school remains open some areas of the school grounds may be closed. We will clear a pathway from the pedestrian entrance so that children can get into school as quickly and safely as possible.

Entering School on a Snowy Day

  • Nursery and Reception children will all enter the building through the Nursery gates. Please drop of the children as quickly as possible and keep this area clear.
  • All other children will enter through the Link entrance. The children will be greeted by the staff and supervised to their classrooms. Parents should drop their children off at the link doors and keep the area as clear as possible.
  • Both entrances will open at 8:45 am

Paths outside the school are outside the school’s area of responsibility. If they are dangerous we will alert the Highways Department of the situation and request their attention. Please note that this will only apply in extreme weather conditions. These are very rare occurrences.

Please be assured that we will always try our best to keep the school open.