Pick Up Passwords

Pick up Password Form

We are asking all parents and carers from Nursery to Year 2 to fill in a form (available from the office) to improve the safeguarding of children if you are unable to pick them up from school.

If you cannot pick up your child and need someone else to do it for you you should:

  • Call the office to inform us that another person is picking up your child
  • Tell us the name of that person
  • Tell your friend / relative the password for your child
  • The office will then inform the teacher
  • The person picking up you child should make themselves known to the teacher at home time and tell the teacher the password
  • If you wish to change the password after your child has been picked up then you need to inform the office.

Failure to give this password will result in your child remaining at school until either, the password is sought by the adult collecting your child, or until school have contacted you to confirm your permission has been given for your child to leave school with the named person.