Our Curriculum

Overall Curriculum - Intent

“To give children experiences and an understanding of the world that opens their eyes to life’s

opportunities and the skills and passion to follow them.”


  • To be confident learners with high academic outcomes
  • To be polite articulate people, able to give opinions and listen to others
  • To be financially aware with real world skills
  • To be able to work by themselves and as part of a team
  • To accept and embrace difference and be supportive of others
  • To be committed , enthusiastic citizens of the world and their community
  • To experience the awe and wonder of nature
  • To live healthy lifestyles, keeping themselves safe and managing risks in the wider world
  • To find a passion for sports, the arts and music
  • To be inquisitive and excited about learning

Resulting in a “Quality Education through High Expectations”

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The school is determined to ensure it continues to develop well-rounded, articulate, confident and high –achieving children in line with our agreed curriculum intent. Our curriculum design builds from the variable starting points that our children have when they enter school. It provides clear opportunities to develop the children’s knowledge and ensures that they apply this to deepen their understanding.

Our curriculum ensures that there is a much greater emphasis on the ‘powerful knowledge’ that children need in order to not only truly understand concepts, but also to enable them to apply the knowledge, offer informed explanations, make links and spot patterns.

Crucially, it will also provide them with the essential foundations for the next part of their educational journey and beyond.

Our curriculum design makes meaningful links with other subjects whilst at the same time developing the children’s knowledge and ability to use and apply their understanding.

Early Years Foundation Stage - Intent

At The Deans Primary School we believe that children in the EYFS need to experience a wide variety of first hand, practical learning opportunities to enable them to develop to their full potential. We aim to provide a secure, enjoyable and caring educational environment where each and every child feels valued. We work hard to create continuity between Nursery and our Reception Classes so that children can build on skills already developed and follow routines that flow with their needs and with which they feel safe and confident throughout their Early Years, in preparation for their future years in school.

There is a significant emphasis on developing children's ability to express themselves clearly and develop strong relationships. Coupled with focussed phonics teaching this allows children at the end of Reception to be ready to face the increased challenges of Year 1.

Our Curriculum is planned following the guidance from the Department for Education "Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage", taking account of the children's needs and interests. Opportunities are provided for the children to meet the expectations laid out in the document "Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage". This non-statutory guidance material supports practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS.

We will:

  • Provide a happy, caring, secure environment where children feel valued;
  • Build on what our children already know and can do and provide new and exciting experiences that challenge, develop and stimulate their thinking;
  • Provide a rich and stimulating and aesthetically pleasing learning environment that is committed to raising standards;
  • Develop parents as partners, parents are a child’s first educator we aim to ensure parents are involved in their child’s learning;
  • Promote self-esteem and independence through praise and celebration of achievements;
  • Ensure that no child is excluded or disadvantaged;
  • Offer a structure for learning that has a range of starting points, matches the needs of all children and provides opportunity for learning both indoors and outdoors;
  • We will deliver a curriculum that supports, fosters and promotes children’s:
    • social skills; attention skills,
    • persistence and a positive attitude to learning;
    • language and communication;
    • mathematical skills;
    • knowledge and understanding of the world;
    • physical development;
    • creative development.

Key Stage 1- Intent

In Key Stage 1 we offer a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills of all children, whatever their starting points, as they progress through the Key Stage. The curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum in addition to other experiences and opportunities which enhance the learning of all pupils.

The aim is for the pupils to have the requisite skills to be successful, independent and motivated learners in readiness for their next stage of education. The teaching of phonics in Year 1 is central to children being able to read and move towards becoming independent confident learners. Our knowledge-rich curriculum, whilst highly aspirational, considers the development of the whole child. Our highly inclusive approach ensures that every child can exceed their potential and respond to tasks in their own individual way.

Key Stage 2 - Intent

Our KS2 Curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum, progression between year groups and breadth and depth within subjects. Our knowledge-rich curriculum provides the children with opportunities to learn facts and information but also gives them diverse and rich experiences from which they are able to develop transferable skills. As children think more, know more and remember more, they are taught to identify the learning behaviours that allow this to happen.

Our curriculum aims to be rigorous and highly aspirational, enabling children to leave Year 6 as independent, confident and successful young people, who are well-prepared for life in Modern Britain. It is highly inclusive, enabling children of all abilities to meet and exceed their potential with many opportunities for the children to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to their learning.

In addition to academic success, the curriculum focuses on developing the children’s moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding with opportunities identified through PSHE, RE and across the wider curriculum. Educational visits and visitors play a large part in engaging and immersing the children in each topic and the children are also encouraged to continue their learning at home through discussion with parents/carers or home learning projects.

All our curriculum plans are available as a download - if you'd like a copy of these please contact the school office on 0161 728 2089 or at deans.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk, or by calling in to see us.