Special Educational Needs


Our job is to help your child achieve the very best they can at school. You know your child best and you may feel that they need some additional help or support for some or all of their time at school.

Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Samuel are our SEN Coordinators - if you have any concerns about your child’s needs then please feel free to contact them.

All pupils in school receive quality first teaching. This means that a range of teaching and learning styles are used and that appropriate learning objectives are set for all children with a curriculum matched to their needs.

All our classes are supported by teaching assistants and pupils are also offered additional one to one tuition, small group work or catch up programmers where needed.

At The Deans the progress and attainment of all pupils is reviewed every half term by the Senior Leadership Team at which time provision may be adjusted to meet identified needs.

You would normally be informed about your child’s general progress and targets through the twice yearly Parent’s Evenings and annual report.

If a child continues to have difficulty after intervention or has a high level of difficulty when they join us, they may be considered to have special educational needs (SEN) and placed on the SEN register. Parents will be informed of this.

If your child has additional needs beyond what the school can offer internally then we will support you in applying for additional funding through the Education Health and Care (EHC) Assessment process. Further details of our provision can be found below.

Salford's Local Offer - http://www.salford.gov.uk/localoffer

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