The Crescent Lounge


The Crescent Lounge embraces the cocktail revival and the craft cocktail movement by creating a space where mixologists can interact and learn from each other and create a little more history along the way! The lounge is a labor of love, envisioned by its creators as an ideal space that would allow bartenders to perform their craft at the highest level. Bartenders have an array of fresh ingredients at their fingertips, and access to a comprehensive library of spirits and liqueurs from around the globe. We strive to offer the widest repertoire of intriguing beverages, from the time-tested favorites to the new and unique.

A taste of happiness in every sip.


A low, warm glow illuminates the lounge. The murmur of laughter and conversation fills the room, and dart boards line the wall. A place for neighbors to converge, the Crescent Lounge is that rare treasure of an establishment that is both serious about its craft and dedicated to true hospitality. The Crescent Lounge offers a warm and timeless atmosphere where the conversation flows freely. It is Columbus’ corner bar, the quintessential ‘third place’ where friends are met and made.