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Why Choose Us?

We know that choosing the right tutoring option for your child can be a big decision. You want them to pass the test today, but still expand their minds for success in their future. You want them to make academic progress, but you don’t want to pile on the pressure. You desperately want your child to reach their full potential, but you’re far too busy to give them all the support they need at home. That's where we come in.

Building Skills for the Classroom,

Educating for the Future.

I'm Andrea Ryan a tutor, and a strategic consultant based in Richmond, Va. Through my experience as a tutor and teacher over the past 8 years I have developed a unique method and approach to tutoring that is effective as it is personalized and intended to facilitate long term changes for success well beyond time spent tutoring. I am guiding hand to my students, proactive collaborator with their teachers, and strategic consultants for their parents.

"My mission is student centered and I believe the lesson plan should adjust to the learner, not the other way around. "

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What our students say

Britany S.

Ren R.

"I learned to focus first on what motivates me and then take action and I feel like I have my life and education in my control. Along with everything else that goes along with preparing for college, Andrea also tutored me in SAT prep and she gave me the tools I needed to look at the test in a strategic and analytical way and my score improved by 400 points!"

"Thank you for the SAT tutoring that you provided me. On my first SAT test, I scored a 470 on the Critical Reading section. After Andrea's tutoring, I scored a 600 on that section and was accepted into the school of my choice. Thank you so much for your time and effort."

Katie K.

Ivana W.

"Andrea was a unique tutor in that she helped me find my own passions and motivations so that I could then find the right college for me. Once we identified what characteristics I was looking for in a College, she mapped out a strategy to get me there."

"My experience with Andrea was the most helpful and worthwhile experience of any I have ever had with a tutor. She gives you the guidance and skills to solve your own problems. We worked together on a senior thesis paper I was struggling with. With Andrea's guidance and help, I received an A on the hardest paper I had to do in my college career. Without her I would have not passed."

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Our Approach

Parents are part of the process

You know your child better than anyone. We aim for consistent communication from parent to student to tutor.You will receive detailed reports to track your child’s academic achievements, and set new learning goals. We also offer regular phone meetings to keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

Support around the clock

We understand that even the best prepared students sometimes have pitfalls. In case of troubled times, you’ll always have the option for emergency tutoring sessions before the big test. We guarantee that all email questions will be answered promptly and completely within 24 business hours.

A curriculum that’s right for your child

Our unique learning approach is based on developing a deep understanding of your child’s specific needs and learning style, and building an individualized development plan around them.

Guaranteed Success

Your child will improve at least one full grade level or 10 percentage points after completing 35 tutoring sessions, or we will provide 15 additional tutoring hours at no further cost.

SAT guarantee 100-200 point score increase: if you attend every session and do all your required homework, your SAT will increase by 100-200 points. If you do not reach the score guarantee, you will receive 15 additional tutoring hours at no further cost.

book a free 30 min. consultation with me today!

Through years of college admissions experience, I have designed a comprehensive outline to guide each unique student through the process of identifying, planning, and applying to their ideal school.