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Y 11 kicks off with a project that tries to recreate the experience of the Exam paper at the end of the course.

Choose from four Exam style questions and work independently to generate your research and experiments before creating your own meaningful outcomes.

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Knowledge Organiser

Art-habits + Assessment explained

Where to start?

Start by reading this presentation. There are four assessment objectives (AO's) worth 24 marks each. They all compliment each other. The slides to the right describe exactly what each AO is and what skills you'll need develop to score top marks.

Aim higher!

Instead of the usual 'I like this artist because...' Achieve a higher mark with this excellent resource for explaining photographs. Context and Concept are essential for students aiming for level 6 and above. Sounds complicated? Read below to see how straightforward it is.


Useful links.

What is a Photography Exam ?

The rules...

Read this really carefully. Although a photography exam is not like an exam that takes place in the hall, there are still important rules to follow.

For instance over the course of the 10 hours (2 days) there is no talking or permitted and no help allowed from your teacher - just like in other exams.

The Questions...

2019 questions!!

The questions have arrived.

Choose a question and get stuck in.

It will be your best sketchbook ever!

Exam Q's 2019

Exam question presentation.

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Planning your Exam Final-piece or Outcomes.

You can choose from a range of formats to present your work during the exam. Photography students need to think especially hard about what techniques and processes will keep them busy and use the 10 hours most effectively. Be bold. Take risks. But make sure that you have planned thoroughly before the exam as you will not be able to add to your sketchbook once it starts.