“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


Welcome to photography at The Whitstable School. Use this site to support and extend your photography coursework by accessing tailor-made resources, portfolios and links to useful websites. Take control by checking out up-coming projects and work at your own pace.

All successful creative people share characteristics that can be practiced, learnt and nurtured.

By linking these Artist-Habits to the four areas of the assessment criteria we hope to encourage life-skills that are rewarding, transferable and future-proof.


Ideas are King

At the heart of the photography course lie the ideas that power our photographs.

Both the ideas of artists and your own insights.

This is not a course for tech geeks (although geeks welcome!). This is a course for the curious; for thinkers.

These badges share the influential thoughts of some of the biggest names in photography writing. Some delight, some confuse, all make us think just a little bit deeper about the magic power of photographs.


Want to get a head-start?

Take this ace mini course by photographer Eric Kim to learn how to get the most from those two squidgy things above your nose.

He covers all the basics through a series of practical workshops that you don't need any special kit to complete. Just a camera (phone/compact/DSLR) and a sense of adventure.

Expand the view and save your own copy to your google drive account.