Year 2 Weekly Bulletin

Week Commencing - Sunday, 20th January 2019


After a week of learning and retelling the story Jack and the Beanstalk through fun, interactive and engaging activities, the children will begin to independently write the story. The children will spend a day writing the beginning, a day on the middle and finally a day on writing the end of the story. The children will need to focus on using the correct punctuation and spelling.

By the end of the week the children will edit and improve their work and reflect on their written story to check if they have used the correct punctuation and any words they have misspelled. The children will enjoy reading their story to the their classmates which will give them a great opportunity to peer-assess and give each other feedback.


This week the children will start a new unit all about statistics. They will begin to look at how data is represented on a tally chart.

The children will also use the tally chart to make a pictogram. This time they will represent each mark from the tally chart as a symbol/picture. The children will also look at each symbol/picture to represent 2, in this case they will need to count in two’s. Also, to begin to understand that each symbol/picture can also represent 5 or 10.

Using the data from the tally charts and pictogram the children will anaylse and interpret the data by answering important questions.

For example

  • Which item/day is the most popular? Least popular?
  • How many people were asked in total?
  • How many more/less children chose strawberry ice-cream than chocolate?
  • How many children chose vanilla and chocolate ice-cream?

Why not have a go at making your own tally chart at home and bring it to school next week?


This week the children will learn about seed dispersal. They will look at the four main methods seeds disperse. This includes- Wind, Explosion, Water and Animals. The children will sort out the different seeds which disperse in these methods. They will use actions to demonstrate how seeds disperse through wind, explosion, water and animals.

This children will learn how seeds helped inventor George de Mestral invent velcro and answer comprehension questions to learn more about him. The children will also be excited to see if their bean has started to grow and to document this in their Bean Diary.

Trip Letters

Please sign and return the permission slip for the trips along with the correct money by the date started in the letter.

Purple Mash

Thank you to everyone who wrote about their holiday news last week. Did you see a few of our favourites on the main news page?

This week's 2Do, set by Mr Brant, is all about Sports Day.

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Week Commencing - Sunday, 13th January 2019


The children will continue to learn the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. They will build on their story maps and use actions to retell the story.

They will focus on the language used in the story and identify the adjectives, conjunctions and different sentence openers used. They will also be looking at past and present tense and words ending with ed and ing.

The children will also spend some time exploring the language used in the story and try and use synonyms to explore alternative and more adventurous words to use.


The children will continue to look at division and begin to share a number between 2, 5, 10 and 3 equally. They will begin by use concrete objects to create the equal groups and then represent this pictorially. The children will also explore different methods used to help them divide.

This includes the blank number line, in which the children will count back.

For example: 8 ÷ 2 =

Children start at 8 and count back in 2’s (jumps) until they get to 0. The children will then count the jumps they have made. In this case it is 4.

Another method used is by understanding division as groups of.

For example: 30 ÷ 5 =

The children will count in groups of 5 until they get to 30.

5 10 15 20 25 30 . They will count the number of groups they have made and in this case it is 6.

The children will also look at the relationship between multiplication and division by looking at the family triangle.

The children will end the week by solving division word problems, remembering the method of RUCSAC which is used to solve any Maths word problems.


The children will begin to learn about plants. They will observe different types of seeds and match the seed to its plant. The children will look at what plants need to grow and then begin the process of germinating their own bean and grown them into plants.

Making links to the story Jack and the Beanstalk the children will observe their plant to see who’s beanstalk will reach the giants castle first. Whilst observing their bean the children will write a weekly diary entry documenting the growth of their bean. This will be an ongoing process over the next couple of weeks.

Using seeds and other materials the children will create a mosaic art flower.

Year 2 Sports Day

  • DAY: Thursday 17th January 2018
  • TIME: 10:30 - 12.00
  • LOCATION: BSB Sports Field
  • The children come to school at the usual time in PE uniform and are welcome to go straight home after the event.

Purple Mash

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Week Commencing - Sunday, 6th January 2019

The children will be very excited to return to school and to share with their classmates and teachers what they did during the holidays. The children will have the time to share their experiences with their class and to discuss one event or a day which they can remember and thoroughly enjoyed. When writing their recount the children will focus on sentence structure, the must haves- capital letters and full stops as well as correct tense, grammar, conjunctions and description. We will also be encouraging the children to think of synonyms for common adjective that the children always use.

The children will then begin our main unit of work which will be Fairy Tales. They will focus on the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and will spend the first week in school learning and retelling the story. We will learn the story through actions and story mapping which will allow the children to sequence the story in the correct order.

On the first few days back at school the children will refresh their knowledge of addition, subtraction and multiplication. The children will then begin to look at division and to understand that division is all about making equal groups. The children will make links to multiplication and begin to understand that division and multiplication are part of the same fact family. As always, the children will begin to concretely create equal groups using objects.

For example

12 counters to create 2 equal groups

Children will place counters in each box until they finish all 12 counts. This will show that now they have 6 counts in each box. Hence they have created 2 equal groups with 6 in each group.

In Topic the children will focus on being healthy and begin to understand what 'healthy' means and the importance of exercising. We will be using VR Goggles to look at the internal organs of the body including the heart, lungs and muscles.

The children will conduct an experiment to find out what happens to our heart and lungs when we breath. They will learn how to find their pulse and do this before and after exercising to compare the results. The children will begin by writing a prediction and method before they conduct the experiment and finally write their results and conclusions.

Every morning at 7.45am the children will have a 'Wake up and Shake up' exercise session in the playground.

First day of Term 2

School will reopen on Sunday, 6th January 2019 at the usual time.

Wake up and Shake up

Every morning at 7.45am the children will have a 'Wake up and Shake up' exercise session in the playground. The teachers will join the children in the playground and take them back to class.

Children Photos

As part of 'Being Healthy Week' we would like the children to bring into school any photos of themselves exercising/moving including playing, sports, dancing etc during the holidays.