Year 1 Weekly Bulletin

Week Commencing - Sunday, 20th January 2019


This week the children will be exploring non-fiction texts, starting by recapping what we already know about the features, e.g. headings, contents page, photographs etc. We will then spend the rest of the week creating our very own non-fiction writing, all about being healthy. We will use last week’s learning about conjunctions to make our sentences longer and our writing even more interesting.

Look here for a brief recap of the features of non-fiction texts:


Our Maths learning this week will continue to focus on subtraction, extending our skills further by crossing the tens. We will use both practical and written approaches to help us with this, including ten frames, number lines and whole-part models, and will work by ourselves, in groups and in pairs throughout the week. We will also practise describing subtraction problems verbally, to consolidate our understanding, e.g. “First there were 12 birds. Then 4 flew away. Now there are 8.”

Remember to keep practising number bonds to 20 with your child to help their understanding!


We will be learning about the important topic of pollution this week, with a focus on plastic pollution on our beaches and in our oceans. Children will watch videos to see the impact of plastic waste on our wildlife and environment, and will start to think about ways we can help to clean up our island. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will be taking a trip to a local beach to meet the Beachcombers, Bahrain’s leading beach-cleanup team. Here will will work together to pick up plastic waste and clean the beach ourselves, and learn all about how to keep helping with the problem at home and at school.

Dress Code for the trip

Please send children to school in their PE kit on the day of the trip, with a light jacket and proper trainers. Children will need their snack and lunch as usual, and their book bag for when they return to school.

Purple Mash

Thank you to everyone who wrote about their holiday news last week. Did you see a few of our favourites on the main news page?

This week's 2Do, set by Mr Brant, is all about Sports Day.

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Week Commencing - Sunday, 13th January 2019


We will begin to explore the use of conjunctions such as and, but, so and because to make our sentences longer and more interesting. We will start by looking at which is the correct conjunction to use, followed by playing a variety of games to help consolidate this knowledge. We will then practise using them in our own independent writing to make it even better!


In Maths this week we will begin looking at addition in more detail, by exploring different ways of crossing the tens, for example 9 + 3 = 12. We will use apparatus such as number lines, whole-part models and ten frames to help with this, which will also help us to partition numbers to see their relationship to 10. We will also use physical objects from the classroom such as cubes, lollipop sticks or counters to help us explore. We will then move onto word problems, and finish the week by revisiting simple subtractions.


This week we will start to look at animals and their habitats. We will begin to learn about their physical features such as different types of teeth, and how this affects what different animals eat.We will explore what makes an animal a herbivore, omnivore or carnivore, and learn about the differences between the three. We will end the week by focusing on the underwater habitat, and create our very own underwater art using wax and paint!

Take a look here to discover more about omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.

  • Year 1 Sports Day
  • DAY: Thursday 17th January 2018
  • TIME: 8:30 - 10:00
  • LOCATION: BSB Sports Field
  • The children come to school at the usual time in PE uniform and are welcome to go straight home after the event.

Purple Mash

Don't forget to login and have a go at this week's 2Do set by Mr. Brant.

Week Commencing - Sunday, 6th January 2019

In Literacy, teachers will be doing a recap over the basics of sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and grammar. We will look at what we need to write a good sentence, e.g. a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces between each word, and a full stop at the end. Teachers will also use this week to practise any areas that their class needs a bit more practise on, and get the children back into good reading and writing habits in school after their well-deserved holiday!

Why not get your child to keep a diary of their holiday activities? This will keep them in the habit of writing every day, and would be lovely for them to share when they return to school!

In Maths we will be looking back over our work on number bonds to ten, then extending this knowledge to number bonds to 20. We will use a variety of objects and resources to explore the relationship between numbers, and practise describing them in a number of ways:

We will also practise using our whole-part model to help us partition numbers to 20, and have a go at solving some addition word problems too!

The first week back to school is 'Being Healthy Week', with a focus on how our bodies move and the impact of exercise on our health. We will be extremely lucky to receive a visit from a Paediatrician, and have the chance to ask her lots of questions.

We will then focus on different exercises, and compare our own physical features to see who is the fastest runner, the highest jumper etc.

We will also spend lots of time this week doing different exercises such as yoga, running, and dancing!

Purple Mash

In your child’s reading journal, there will be a sticker with logins for a new home learning website, Purple Mash. This gives teachers the opportunity to share children’s learning with you, and set a variety of fun and interactive challenges and activities for your child to do from home, that is linked to their current learning in school! Try to spend some time during the holiday familiarising yourself and your child with the website.

'Wake & Shake'

Join us @7.45 every morning in the KS1 playground, where teachers will be leading a ‘Wake And Shake’ early morning exercise.