Video Production - Can I Help You?

Video is an ever-growing platform, and with the constant rise and usage of Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and much more, video sharing is at an all-time high. Videography is now essentially seen as a promotional tool, as well as a great way to capture events and memories. I pride myself in being able to offer a variety of different videography services, including promotional videos, advertisements, event filming, music videos, and much more. I can offer a wide range of video production services, which I have detailed below... read on to see if I can help you!

Promotional Videos

Are you looking to attract more customers, or attract potential new employees and need an effective, easy way to sell your company to them? A promotional video is a fantastic way to sell your company to potential customers, and show off the great aspects of your company at the same time. Whether you are a business looking to attract more customers, or a school looking to show prospective parents/students what they offer, a promotional video is customisable to your needs. Most promotional videos range from being 3-6 mins long, and we believe it's important that promotional videos aren't too long in length, as many people may not have the time to watch a video about your company which is over 6-7 mins long. If you want to promote various different areas of your company/school, you may find it more beneficial to consider separate videos for different areas. We will discuss this and much more at the time of consulting with you. If you choose to use our services, we will be in touch with you to arrange a call to discuss your video, what is required, how long it will take to complete, and all costs associated with it.


Adverts are slightly different to Promotional Videos in the sense that they are, in general, much shorter and much more to the point. Promo videos are, in general, 30-60 seconds long in length, and aim to attract the eyes of the customer quickly, and draw them into your company/product, whereas promo videos are more in depth about your business/product/service. Advertisements are usually aimed to quickly catch the attention of the general public, and sometimes can be a little more creative than promo videos in order to grab the attention of the viewers. We are happy to discuss your requirements for an advert, and how to bring your vision to life on screen, please get in touch with us via the contact us page to find out more.

Event Filming

We have expertise with filming a variety of different events, including;

Dance and Drama Productions


School Plays

Talent Shows

Birthday Parties

And much more!

We have a page dedicated to event filming, which will go through what we can offer in much more detail. You can view this page by clicking here.

Music Videos

Videography is our main passion, but we also have a great interest and passion in music too. We have expertise with filming music videos, and we would be more than happy to discuss any music video ideas with you that you may have, to see if we can get an estimate on how long the project would take, and how much it would all cost to complete. We are very passionate about bringing your vision of a great music video to life, and combined with our creative flair, we hope to deliver a music video which can tell a story.

Corporate Events

I have filmed many corporate events before, mostly conferences and training events, but also presentations to camera and audiences too, and I have very good knowledge in this area. To find out if we can support you with filming one of your events, please get in touch with us using the details on the Contact Us page.

Our Prices

Our prices generally vary from project to project, and are dependant on a number of factors;

  • How long you require a videographer to be on location filming
  • If you require more than 1 videographer on location
  • The estimated amount of time spent to edit your video
  • Any travel costs and expenses that may be incurred by the film crew travelling to and from locations

These prices will not only cover for the videographer's time on location and whilst editing, but it will also cover for wear and tear on equipment whilst on set. Editing time will be estimated and quoted to you at the beginning of the project, and allowances will be then made for any potential delays, to make sure that we not only cover our backs, but don't disappoint you with delays should we experience issues during post production. When it comes to travel costs, we will always endeavour to keep all travel costs and expenses incurred down to an absolute minimum, to keep your project as affordable as possible.

Booking our Services

We require the following before filming can take place:

  • As much notice before a shoot as possible. It is very possible that if you arrange/book our services at the last minute that you may be disappointed. We recommend between 3-4 weeks notice before a film shoot for us to book in, but we are able to take more advanced bookings than that if you require.
  • A deposit of at least 20% of your project fee (for most projects). This is to secure your film day with me, pay for any equipment hire, & costs incurred to myself or additional crew members for travel/accommodation. This may rise depending on your production.
  • Sit down discussion, either remotely via phone call or Google Hangout. From this discussion, we will go through what is required and produce a structured film day and edit plan.
  • All legal documents signed including actor release forms and location/filming permissions (if required).

For more information, please see Booking Information