Booking our Services

Booking our services couldn't be easier! You can make an enquiry or contact us on the Contact Us page - we'll get in touch with you to do the rest!

Please be aware - We do require the following before film shoots can take place:

  • As much notice before a shoot as possible. It is very possible that if you arrange/book our services at the last minute that you may be disappointed. We recommend between 3-4 weeks notice before a film shoot for us to book in, but we are able to take more advanced bookings than that if you require.
  • A deposit varying between 15-25% of your project's full fee (for most projects). This is to secure your film day with me, pay for any equipment hire, & costs incurred to myself or additional crew members for travel/accommodation. This may rise depending on your production.
  • Sit down discussion, either remotely via phone call or Google Hangout. From this discussion, we will go through what is required and produce a structured film day and edit plan.
  • All legal documents signed including actor release forms and location/filming permissions (if required).

Why do we ask for the above?

Deposit - It's basically to cover our backs and to make sure that the video project is completed in full. Whilst I ask for a portion of the project fee, I do not expect the full payment for the video until the project is completed and the video preview is available. This is mostly done to help protect against non-genuine customers, but it is also done on the occasions where additional crew, travel expenses and/or equipment is required. All of this will be explained to you in the liaison process, where we will detail, set out and agree on a cost up front, which both parties will sign.

Advanced Notice - Simply because our calendar can vary on a week to week basis. We may be available one day a week, but not the next day, so trying to book something in last minute could mean you have a high risk of being disappointed. We only recommend 3-4 weeks as that give us and yourselves plenty of time to get us booked in; if we have something available earlier than that, we will let you know during the liaison process. Please also note that if you cancel within 72 hours (3 working days) of the shoot without good reason or rescheduling the date of the shoot, you may be liable to lose your deposit. This is, again, to help protect us against non-genuine customers.

"Sit down discussion" - This is purely to sit down with you remotely (via phone or video call), and go through your video project with you and agree a plan for how your final video is going to look. It's good to go through the project in full sometimes for both myself and yourself to fully understand what you want in your final product. For the sake of time and cost, these meetings will normally take place remotely, either via phone or video call. I use Google Hangouts, which is integrated with a Google/Gmail account, however I can use other services such as Skype too should you need to.

Legal documents - Any documents and/or agreements that we send to you will need to be signed, and returned to me before we can begin filming. In addition to this, we will also require any actor/person release forms, so that we can use their images and videos in your production and on our website. If you are a school/academy, please make sure that the relevant students and teachers/support staff (if applicable) have signed photography release forms for the school and that you have acknowledged to us that all persons involved in the film have signed the relevant permissions to be involved.

In addition to this, we will also need to make sure that all permissions for filming on location have been sent through to us for filming on location, whether that be at your company/school's base, or it be in the surrounding area, you need to have the correct filming permissions in place and disclose these to us before we go. This is to protect us and yourselves from any potential legal issues when it comes to making your film.

If you have any questions with regards to any of the above, please get in touch and I would be more than happy to help.