Dan McEvoy - Freelance Videographer

Based in Hockley, Essex (available for bookings across the UK)

I got into filmmaking when I was 11-12 years old. I started creating a few videos as a little hobby, and soon that hobby lead to me wanting to learn more and become better at it, so I took up Media and filmmaking in my GCSE years, earning Distinctions for all of my projects. It soon became very clear to me that my hobby had turned into my passion, and I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I went on to study the subject further in Sixth Form, getting distinctions for most of my projects, and earning a Merit grade overall. For me, I wanted to learn more, and went on to study Filming and Editing Techniques for a year at City and Guilds level, earning Distinctions for all of my assignments. During my time at the course, I learned to create various videos, including news pieces, music videos, "live" TV shows, short commercials, videos to raise awareness, and promotional videos. During my course and after my course had ended, I worked at a multi-academy trust producing video content for over 70+ academies, and gained further experience with making and creating promotional videos, as well as filming corporate events.

Recently, I was privileged to get the opportunity of furthering my skills within this area by taking up a 3 week course at a well-established training centre in London. During this 3 weeks, I learned valuable skills such as the art of sound, cinematography, editing as well as learning about the film industry. On top of this, I got the opportunity to work, as an Editor, with a young film crew as an who share the same passion as me when it comes to filmmaking, to make a short film to be entered into the Sundance Short Film Festival 2017. During this, I learned invaluable skills in not only creating short films, but also looking at the costs and behind the scenes behind the creation of some very good films.

Having grown up with a passion of filming and editing, I am incredibly committed and driven to provide an opportunity to youngsters which wasn't readily available when I was young. This is why one of my long term goals is to one day helping to develop the filmmaking skills of young film makers through various extra curricular and holiday clubs. I am especially motivated to visualising a story, and bringing that story to life with the videos that I created. As a filmmaker, I am extremely driven to create a video which is tailor suited to your needs. I have a creative eye and attention to detail, and I have got experience in the following;

  • Promotional Videos - I have a very strong knowledge of creating promotional videos
  • Live Events - I have strong knowledge in filming events such as Plays, Concerts, Drama/Dance Productions & much more!
  • Corporate Events - I have a confident knowledge in producing a variety of films for corporate events such as Conferences, Training Videos etc
  • Music Videos - Having made and been part of music video projects in the past, I believe that I have a very good knowledge in creating music videos, and coupled with a passion for music, I am confident that I can produce a music video to suit your needs.
  • Commercials - I have a very good knowledge in creating commercials and short promotional material (15-90 secs)

And much more!

For more information on what I am able to support with, please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch with me via the information available on that page.

Why Choose Me?

I have experience working with a variety of different companies and charities, and have also undertook training and media courses at Essex Media Workshop (Essex) and Eastside Educational Trust (London).

I am fully dedicated to making a video which is tailor suited for your needs. I am also available should you be looking for a secondary camera man for one of your projects, to find out more information on this, please contact me via the information on the Contact Us page, and I would be happy to provide more information.