Mrs. Beaudet Room 105

About Mrs. Beaudet

Mrs. Sandra Beaudet has lived in the Rio Rancho community for over 30 years. She and her husband have raised three children and have six grandchildren. She has her Bachelor's in Elementary/Middle School Education and holds a Master's in Science Education. In addition to teaching science, Mrs. Beaudet enjoys cooking, baking, and sewing.

Mrs. Beaudet’s Grading Policy

· There is turnaround time for grading. Please don’t expect to see something graded the day it was turned in. I try to grade things as quickly as I can.

· PowerSchool is updated about once a week, so even though work is turned in and graded, it may be a few days before it is reflected in PowerSchool.

· If you are wondering why your scholar did not do well on an assignment, first wait for your scholar to get the assignment back and review where he/she lost points, together. Then if you have questions, please encourage your scholar to bring the assignment to me and ask for clarification. This teaches your scholar to take initiative concerning his/her grades and work. It is my general rule that assignments can be redone for a higher grade or sometimes when that is not feasible, an alternate assignment is given.

· I do offer “make-up” or “extra” opportunities for scholars to improve their grades. I call them “Opportunities for Improvement”. These opportunities have a deadline – generally there are no exceptions to the deadlines so if a scholar misses a deadline, they will need to wait for the next opportunity.

· Look at the points earned compared to the possible points. If you look only at percentages, they can be deceiving. For example, a 3/5 is a 60%, but in the grand scheme of things, losing 2 points when we usually have ~300 points per quarter does not affect your scholar’s grade much.

· Any missing work will be indicated as a “Missing”, and have a 0%, but when your child turns in the missing assignment the 0% will be replaced with a grade. Zeros dramatically drop grades, please don’t panic. Ask your scholar to see the assignment. If your scholar still has it, have him/her complete it and turn it in.

· Many assignments are turned in without a name on it, and therefore cannot be identified by me and is classified as “Missing” in PowerSchool. If your scholar promises he/she turned it in, it could be in the unclaimed area and he/she forgot to put his/her name on it. If your scholar cannot find it in the unclaimed area, then the assignment wasn’t received. If the assignment was lost or misplaced, your scholar can complete the missing assignment and earn partial credit.

  • If your scholar turned in an assignment late, then it will be graded later and will probably not be there when the grades are entered the first time. A “Missing” may still be written there until the assignment is graded and entered. It may have a “Late” designation if it was turned in late.