Work Experience

Some tips and ideas on gaining work experience and what to think about can be found here

Post 16 Work Experience

In Year 12 all students will be expected to do unpaid work experience or work shadowing in a placement which they have arranged. This will usually be the last week of the summer term, but additional work experience can be done during Enrichment time.


  • The Year 12 student wishing to take part in Work Experience must have the permission of their Parent/Carer
  • Work experience should take place in the allocated time window
  • The Work experience placement should be arranged by the individual student in a field that interests them
  • All students must complete the Employer Information Form with their placement provider. The form can be downloaded from this page (see below).
  • The school must be informed that a student is work experience arrangements
  • The privately arranged work experience placement must be unpaid.
  • Employers may request an Enhanced DBS check for students who are over the age of 16. Students will be expected to fund their own DBS check, however support will be available for Bursary students.

Further tips can be found here.

Pre-16 Work Experience

During Careers and Enrichment Week, all of Year 10 are invited to participate in work experience, in a placement of their choosing. It is hoped that all students and their parents see this as an opportunity. Students will follow the same protocol as above, and can contact the Careers Office for advice and support. For those that don't participate in a placement, a programme of Career-related learning and activities will be provided in school.

All students studying Health and Social Care and/or Children's Learning Play and Development are expected to complete their work experience in an appropriate setting for their course.