Computer Grade 6

** FYI: Term 2 ends on January 18, 2019.

What's Happening in Computer classes?!

  • January 22-30: Super Bowl Google Drawing Project
  • January 31-February 15: European Capital Temperature Project

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When you miss class, remember to log into Aspen at home and open the Computer class assignment page. Look for score codes of UNF, INC, ABS or BAND, and read my notes for due dates and instructions. Then, follow the directions to complete the assignment at home or attend extra help. See below or refer to Aspen for extra help days/times.

~ Mrs. Spollen,


CONVENTIONS: All assignments are graded for typed conventions (spelling, spacing, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, and sentence structure). Regular keyboarding practice at home, with a focus on proper key reaches and accuracy, will help you type quickly and with minimal mistakes.

KEYBOARDING GOAL/GRADING: Sixth graders are expected to achieve and maintain 30+ WPM with 95%+ accuracy and proper home row technique. Keyboarding comprises 30% of each term grade, including one grade each for WPM, Accuracy, and Technique according to the published rubrics (see Aspen). All students should log into EduTyping and practice Foundation Units regularly at home, being careful to type with proper posture and technique (see video). Cover your hands with a towel and use the on-screen keyboard to help you learn the proper key reaches without looking down (to develop muscle memory). An extra credit keyboarding practice homework assignment is posted in Google Classroom each term. More information may be found on the Keyboarding page of this site. Our EduTyping account ID is johnfr380.

MISSED/UNFINISHED ASSIGNMENTS: Missed or unfinished assignments are to be completed at home per the instructions in Aspen and Google Classroom, or during an extra help session. Students that miss class due to Band/absence/tardy/dismissal are responsible for completing the day's assignment by the due date according to the directions and teacher notes in Aspen. Extra help days and times are Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:30-8:00am (also posted on the Aspen class page).