Ms. Dunn English Language Arts

Welcome to English Language Arts! In this course students will engage in a variety of language skills and literacy. Our units of study this year are: short stories, poetry, non-fiction, novels, and drama.

Contact Information


  • Feel free to email regarding any concerns/questions/comments
  • I typically get back same day unless after 5 P.M.
  • Students have this email and have been encouraged to take advantage of it!
  • Phone Extension 417 (email is typically faster response-time)

Materials Needed

  • 3 Ring Binder (at least 1.5”)
  • 4 Dividers (broken up by Classwork, Homework, Journal and Skills)
  • Pencil and a Blue or Black Pen
  • Highlighter (preferably more than one in multiple colors)
  • Post-it Notes (one stack is more than enough)*

Academic Expectations:

  • Complete work on time (late homework assignments lose 50% of grade)
  • Copy all due dates and homework assignments written on the whiteboards into personal agenda book
  • Ask for help or come for extra help if you are experiencing difficulty with the materials
  • If you need help with something or need something printed it needs to be done before 1st block
  • Do your own work!

Grading Policy




Students will receive a check plus (100%) check (70%) or check minus (30%) on every homework assignment. Extra credit is available each term!