8C Math

Ms. MacFarlane

In the class links, you will find access to information about the concepts covered throughout the year. There are videos and other documents that will help you be successful in math this year!

All 8th grade students will be using the Big Ideas Math text books.

Regular 8th grade math classes will be using the blue math book.

Honors math will be using the purple algebra book.

Please click here for access to the books.

Policies & Classroom Information


Homework - 10%

Classwork - 20%

Quizzes - 30%

Tests/Projects - 40%


Students should be completing homework nightly.

Homework grades reflect effort and completion.


Students may come to extra help to make corrections/retake quizzes.

Online Grades

Please check Aspen regularly for updated grades. Grades are updated about once a week.

Click here for Aspen.

Please see guidance if you forget your login information.

Extra Help

Wednesday after school until 2:45. Mornings will be announced each week to be most beneficial for upcoming assessments.

Students coming to extra help should have tried the homework and be prepared with questions.

Students will not be allowed to make corrections/retakes on quizzes until their review sheets have been completed.

Flipped Classroom

This year I will be trying to flip the class. This means students will watch the instruction and take notes at home, while doing more of the practice in school. I hope this will make learning math more effective, easier and more individualized for all students. I also hope this alleviates some of the anxiety and frustration that is often associated with completing homework nightly. Although, it is more important than ever that all students complete the homework (watching the videos and taking notes) every night!

Below you will find a video that helps to explain this method.