TETA SummerFest 2017

Harness Your Power, Transform Your Program

Angelo State University, July 28 - July 30

SummerFest is an Educational Theatre Conference for Theatre Teachers. Each individual must submit a complete registration form online. Children / Minors are not allowed to attend SummerFest.

** TETA Membership is Required **

SummerFest 2017 registration is now active! Click HERE to register.

SummerFest 2017 Dorm Room Requests

Angelo State University has a dorm room option for SummerFest 2017. The rooms are $30 per person per night.

To request a room, click HERE.

SummerFest 2017 Workshop Sessions Needed

Would you like to present a workshop session? SummerFest is a great place to share your ideas with your peers. Whether you've taught for three years or thirty years... you do something that no one else does. What is it that you bring to your classroom that engages your students and gives them a desire to learn more? What games have you taught your cast and crew that get them ready to perform? Have great ideas for fund raisers? Use technology in innovative ways? Costumes on a small school budget?

Click HERE to submit a SummerFest Workshop Proposal Form.

If you register early (by June 1st) you are guaranteed a SummerFest t-shirt. YOUR REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL YOUR PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. Pay online when you register or send a check to our HOUSTON address.

Texas Educational Theatre Association

650 W. Bough Ln.

Suite 150-199

Houston, Texas 77024

If you choose to send a check, it must be postmarked by June 1st to receive the early-bird discount.

If you register early, but your payment is postmarked after June 1st, your registration will be changed to a regular adult registration and your invoice will be adjusted to reflect the change. If you need to pay on-site, we do NOT accept personal checks at the event.

** Refunds: TETA Memberships are non-refundable.

Refunds for SummerFest registration costs must be requested no later than one month prior to the event.


Please fill out this online form before June 30th if you are interested.

Join the discussion! Did you know we have a Facebook group dedicated to discussing SummerFest? Have a request for programming? A suggestion for housing? Maybe you just want to keep us with the latest SummerFest chatter?

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