BoD Nominees

Read to the bottom of this page to learn how to nominate from the floor.

The Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the slate of nominees for the upcoming positions on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors approved a motion to submit a minimum of two nominees per position for which the membership would vote in an election to be held at the Annual Business Meeting.

A call for nominations by the membership went out in April and after a May 31st submission deadline, the Nominations Committee comprised of Perry Crafton (Committee Chair), Charlie Hukill, Omar Leos, Lance Morse, Aimee Kasprzyk and Jared Berry vetted all of the names submitted for the positions of Secretary, Historian and Higher Education Member-at-Large. After lengthy discussion and consideration, the following nominees were selected by the committee and approved by the Board of Directors to be placed on the ballot:


Jose DeJoyos

Kelsey Kling

Destyne Miller


Billy Dragoo

Phillip Taylor

Higher Education Member-at-Large

H Russ Brown

Adriana Dominguez

Rebecca Worley

All current members in good standing of TETA are invited to participate in the election to be held at the TETA Annual Business Meeting at the Theatrefest Conference in Dallas in September. Members must be present to vote.

TETA Membership,

The Board of Directors is excited to share changes within the election and voting processes. A recent announcement of the slate of nominees for upcoming vacancies on the TETA Board of Directors was published in Texas Theatre Notes and shared via newsletter and through social media. A major shift in our election and voting process includes the addition of more than one candidate for each open position. The membership will have the opportunity to meet the candidates and vote during the Annual Business Meeting to be held at Theatrefest in Dallas in September.

Changes in election and voting procedures reflects two policy changes approved by the Board of Directors earlier this year. The first policy change states that “a minimum of two nominees per position” will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval, and then “be placed on a ballot for an election by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting”.

The second policy change concerns a more defined process of how Nominations from the Floor will be conducted. The new policy states:

“Should a member who is not included in the submitted slate of nominees wish to be considered for an office, they may be nominated from the floor at the business meeting.

A letter of intent must be submitted to the Nominations Committee Chair by 30 days of the business meeting. The letter must include the name and office for which the potential nominee would like to be considered. This nomination will not be considered official and will not be included on the ballot until the name of the potential nominee is nominated from the floor during the business meeting. Once a nomination is received from the floor, a verification period ensuring nomination processes were completed prior to the 30-day deadline, will take place. Once the nominee is verified, members can use the space on the ballot for a “write-in” candidate should a voting member choose to cast their vote for a nominee from the floor.”

Two factors motivated the necessity for these changes:

1. The membership of TETA should have more direct participation and choice of candidates in determining the leadership of the organization.

2. The process by which a member can be nominated from the floor should be clarified.

If you intend on being considered for an office, and would like to be nominated from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting, please submit a letter of intent that includes your name and office for which you would like to be considered by August 28, 2019. You may submit this to