Curriculum Committee

Annie Dragoo (Chair)

Beth Wallace (Elementary)

Sarah Schochler (Middle School)

Patricia Cowden (Middle School/High School)

Lyndie Davis (High School)

Jennifer Friedrich (High School)

Carlos Garza (High School)

Diane Garza (High School)

(Still searching for members who are willing to serve TETA with their knowledge and experience.)


The TETA Curriculum Committee serves as a curriculum and instructional resource to the members of TETA. This site was created as place new and experienced teachers can use as a source for ideas and methods to improve theatre curriculum. We would like to invite teachers to submit articles, lesson plans and favorite resources. With the help of educators around the state, this site will (become) a valuable online curriculum library for the TETA members.


  • In collaboration with the BoD, revise the current Manual of Operations to align with the newly adopted By-Laws and post it here.
  • Create, collect and post lesson plans to align with the new TEKS.
  • Create, collect and post lesson ideas for the CU section.
  • Collect and share resources for all levels.
  • Develop and post Essential Understandings for all subjects/grade levels in theatre.
  • Provide suggestions for curricular and instructional questions.
  • Post announcements about workshops provided by the curriculum committee and others.

Current Progress:

  • We are beginning with developing and posting essential understandings for all K-12 courses.
  • We are providing workshops on understanding and aligning the TEKS to lessons and Bloom’s Taxonomy at SummerFest 2015.
  • We will be requesting lesson plans, which will be evaluated and posted on this site in the very near future. A lesson plan form will be posted for the submission of lesson plans.
  • We are striving to work with other committees and the entire membership of TETA to bring educational excellence in theatre to our students.

Please be patient with us and please feel free to ask questions. You can reach the chair at