Agricultural and Resource Economics

2200 Symons Hall, University of Maryland

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United States

Hello, thanks for visiting my page.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am on the job market this year.

As a first-generation college student from a rural town in Chongqing China, I am fascinated by how much education has transformed people's life and reshaped economic landscapes in many regions and countries. My dissertation focuses on the role of aggregated human capital in economic growth in urban settings.

My research question is simple: does the presence of skilled workers improve productivity for other workers in the same labor market? That is, whether there exist human capital externalities / spillovers that are not captured by individuals?

Using household survey data and a longitudinal data of manufacturing firms in China, I successfully established the causal effect of the overall education level of a city (measured as the share of college-educated population) on wages for wages and firms' total factor productivity.

My research findings provide rigorous empirical evidence for the new growth theory established by Paul Romer (Nobel prize in economics 2018) who suggests that human capital externalities are the fundamental driving force for long-term economic growth as interactions among workers keep generating new ideas and innovations.

Areas of Interest:

  • Development Economics
  • Education Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics and Chinese Economy
  • Data Science