Science & Music Festival

Music is a very popular hobby amongst members of the scientific community. Whether you are a musician, student or simply looking for a good time, come and meet the participants of the CLEF 2018 conference in Avignon. The evening will be a mix of music, science and food !

The event will be conducted in both English and French.


7pm-8pm Science Outreach: Presentation of the application Pl@ntNet. Pl@ntNet allows users to identify, share and document data on plants.

8pm-11pm Concert:


Soul Train

Jean Marc Geren: guitar - Clément Preteux: keyboard - Rémy Galan: bass guitar - Sylvain Boussier: drums


Máquina de Trevithick

Enrique Amigó: voice, guitar and composition - Víctor Fresno: bass guitar - Julio Gonzalo: soprano saxophone - Valentin Ivol: drums

Discover their music:

Julio Gonzalo

Enrique Amigó

10:00-11:00 Sorcier Unit

Julien Daniel: double bass - Valentin Ivol: drums - Stéphane Lambert: tenor/soprano saxophone - Maïana Sanjuan: cello

Discover their music:

Le Civil

Stéphane Lambert

Maïana Sanjuan

Food and Drinks: Food and drinks will be available in the courtyard throughout the evening. You could also use this as an opportunity to test the botanical application in the garden.

Ticket price: 6€/person

Tickets must be purchased beforehand.

Call 04 32 76 24 51 or buy them online

For more information about the event contact:

Location: Théâtre des Halles, Rue du Roi René, 84000 Avignon