Ruma Ruru 2020

Start of the Break Messages Below:

  • Home Learning
    • Hello everyone and welcome to the Ruma Ruru class homepage. From this page you should be able to access all of the content that we would be learning in class, were we still attending school. Each link below will take you to the corresponding learning page. Please read the information contained within each page as this will guide you through what you need to complete.
      • The learning content will be regularly updated, for those students wanting to maintain routines and keep their learning up to date. I am aware that not everyone will have access to digital mediums to complete these tasks or the opportunity to work on them regularly. The goal is to complete the Must Do Tasks for Reading, Writing and Mathematics every two days, if you are able to. If this is not possible then spending time reading, story writing and working through your groups PRIME learning pages is sufficient.
  • School Holiday changes: The government has moved the official date of the school holidays, two weeks forward. Due to the confusion, student work will be updated throughout the 4 week mandated time away from school. There is no expectation that students are completing work through the entirety of this break. They are more than welcome to if they are keen. :)
  • Student's School Gmail Accounts
    • I have shared the learning documents to the students school gmail accounts and they will need to login to their account to access their learning. If this is an issue, then please let me know and I will change the sharing settings for each of your child's learning documents.
  • Contacting the Teacher
    • The best way to contact me during this extended time away from school is through my school email address: I can also be contacted through Seesaw.
    • Students, I would like you to use the comments function, within each learning document, if you would like to discuss anything about a set task. An example of how to do this is here: Making comments

The slide below is a school-wide shared example of possible home learning tasks:

home learning tasks