Ms. Larkin's 3rd Grade Family


I am very excited to start teaching my 3rd year at Arredondo Elementary School. Your student has a very busy year ahead of her/him. Together we will be working hard, solving problems, reading for AR points, creating art, making friends and so much more.

About Me:

I have lived in Arizona for 5 years. I was born in Wenatchee, Wa and got my communications degree from WSU. I worked in the Advertising/Media and Insurance field for several years until I did some soul searching and decided to get my Masters Degree at ASU in Elementary Education because I love children. Kids > Adults

I love the sunshine, traveling, reading, being outside and vegetables. I dislike traffic, mean people, cats and dishonesty. I have two dogs. A bulldog, Elsie and a chocolate lab, Avery. My family consists of my dad (Jack) and mom (Lucy) live in Spokane, WA. I also have a brother (Phillip) and a sister in law (Lisa). I also became an aunt in June! His name is Forest.

There are several was to contact me.


*Class Dojo (Best form of contact)

Phone: (480) 897-2744 ext 4455