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Telephone and Internet Video Conference - Based Mediation for Small Claims Court and other limited civil disputes*.

Serving California.

TeleNeutral Mediation (, a service of James V. Cardoza, provides confidential, convenient, and affordable mediation services for individuals and businesses through an easy-to-use, fully-integrated virtual meeting platform. The fully-integrated virtual meeting platform includes: telephone conference calling; desktop and handheld mobile device video-conferencing; text-chat; and screen-sharing (Click HERE for System Requirements).

Important Note: James V. Cardoza is NOT AN ATTORNEY and will not provide legal advice to the parties. If you require legal advice, please consult a licensed attorney or the Self-Help Center at your County Superior Court. James V. Cardoza provides mediation for civil disputes only (e.g. real estate disputes, business disputes, small claims court disputes). If your dispute involves a Family Law/Divorce/Child Custody matter, the platform can only be used if the parties provide their own court-approved Family Law Mediator and receive court approval to use the TeleNeutral videoconferencing technology.

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CALIFORNIA ONLY - CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE IN OTHER STATES. *Not affiliated with or endorsed by any Superior Court, Small Claims Court, or other government agency.