Trying to get your devices to do what you want when they're not listening can be frustrating... let us do the talking for you!!

Servicing available for personal & small businesses.

Have your devices ever  made you look like this? 

Devices feel like they're hurting more than they're helping? Our devices are for the most part tied directly to our productivity. These services provided can remedy, prevent, and prepare you for any issues that can come your way. With a wide variety of services, you're bound to at the very least be armed with the knowledge and confidence to deal with your devices moving forward.

We offer:

Malware Removal & Data Recovery

Pop ups making it impossible to get anything done? Worried your files are compromised or unsecured? Deleted or missing files? We have the tools to clean up and recover that which you've lost

Component Installation 

Whether its a new phone/laptop battery or  you need to upgrade your hard drive or memory.  We can order the right pieces and install them the right way. 

Screen Repair

If a cracked screen is holding you back, we can replace screens on most phones, laptops, and tablets (dependent on available parts).

Tune Up's

Ever feel like your device is nowhere near as fast as it used to be? Or it takes forever to turn on and is unresponsive even after it does. A quick tune up could have it working good as new.

Network Troubleshooting

It can be frustrating when your pages keep timing out or take forever to load. Being told to check your connection 1000 times is the last thing you need on your place. Let us get to the bottom of it.

Ask Away

Even if it's just an information session you're seeking, 1 hour charge is all that's needed to educate and empower. We also  have other services as well like printer setup, software troubleshooting and then some. Never hesitate to ask!