More applications


  • PEFLog is an asthma monitoring app that makes PEF tracking super easy
  • PEF results can be easily saved anywhere and anytime with a phone
  • Easy to use for both children and adults
  • Saves doctors’ and nurses’ valuable time by automating routine tasks and reduces asthma reporting errors
  • Replaces a pen and a paper (they are missing anyways when documenting PEF-results
  • Comprehensive chart and familiar colour zones
  • Daily variation and bronchodilatation variation (i.e. medication impact)
  • Trend and reference PEF based on age, gender and height
  • Alarming results indicated with red colour
  • Easy to check and send the report anytime
  • Potential savings when expensive medication is used for real need only
  • Languages: English, Finnish, Norwegian, Chinese


  • Systolic is a super easy blood pressure monitoring app
  • Easy to save results any time
  • Monitoring periods
  • Add quick notes and free text comments
  • Calculated morning and evening averages
  • Colour zones
  • Comprehensive chart easy to check and send out
  • Languages: English, Finnish, Norwegian, Chinese


  • Different visual effects like e.g. fireworks, amoeba, fire, space…
  • Doesn’t make any sense but magical to watch

Disc Golf 2

Disc Golf 2 application for Suunto sports watches

This app counts disc golf throws and distances. The app has rotating views. The main view displays the current tee and the amount of throws on the current track (e.g. Tee 3.04) . The 2nd view displays the total amount of throws (e.g. TOTA 0.13). The third view displays the distance from the previous drop zone to the current location (e.g. Dist 250 m). 1. Press START/STOP to start the game. 2. Press LAP right after each throw. 3.1. Press START/STOP to pause after completed track. 3.2. Press START/STOP to continue at the new tee to begin new track. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you end the game by keeping START/STOP pressed for a while. The amount of laps in the Movescount is the total amount of throws plus one.