Hosting TED Circles

Resources to help you get started

TED Circles are easy to host and flexible to your personality — simply gather a few friends, colleagues, or neighbors for discussions about the monthly themes.

We want to help you be a great host! Here's a video illustrating the three hosting steps. Further below are our five rules plus additional resources and ways to contact with our community.

Pick a theme-related TED Talk, register your event, and invite your guests.

Circles discuss one of three themes (monthly theme, Countdown, or Here and now), so pick a related TED Talk and register your event (multilingual forms provided). Then, invite your guests however you prefer.

To register an event, you must first be a registered TED Circles host.

Set up the space (in-person or online) and engage guests in conversation.

Enjoy doing what you do best, hosting! Arrange your space so guests are comfortable and you are prepared. Watch the talk (beforehand or at the beginning) and help guests equally engage in conversation (in your preferred language).

Circles typically meet for 1-2 hours with 3-30 people.

Schedule your next Circle and share event insights with fellow hosts.

Consistency builds community so schedule your next Circle (ideally for the following month)! Collaborate with fellow hosts via our online host community group to ignite a global conversation about the theme your Circle discussed.

Log into your host dashboard to access all of your Circles and host details.

Rules of engagement

TED Circles welcomes everyone who believes in TED's values and wishes to engage in constructive conversations about ideas. Each Circle is independent but all TED Circles are connected virtually and through a shared brand. A volunteer-powered platform calls for some ground rules. Hosts and Circles that do not adhere to the spirit and rules of the program will be removed from the community and must stop using the TED Circles brand. If you notice non-compliance, please email

1. Complete host and event registration

You are required to annually register as a host and register each individual TED Circles event you host. This does not mean that your Circle is open to the public - hosts invite their own guests - but registering your events provides official designation that you are part of the TED Circles program.

2. Show off your TED Circles affiliation

Once registered, you may call yourself a TED Circles host, use TED Circles logos, and post from your personal social accounts associated with your hostname only. Refer to your Circle using your hostname not your location and be clear it is a TED Circle, not a TED event.

3. Do it for public good

TED Circles are free to attend and accessible to all. You may receive in-kind contributions (food, meeting space) but may not use TED Circles to gain revenue sponsorship, make money, raise funds, or organize crowdfunding.

4. Facilitate respectful and unrecorded conversation

You must ensure the safety and comfort of your guests throughout the conversation. Circles never feature guests as “speakers” and/or “panelists” nor record or live stream the event. Note: for promotional purposes, up to one minute may be recorded with guests’ consent.

5. Focus on ideas

TED Circles uphold the spirit of TED, focusing on ideas related to the three shared themes. Welcoming a wide range of perspectives, TED Circles promote curiosity, inclusion, debate, and impact. Agendas and self-promotion have no place in these conversations.

Additional resources

Downloadable logos, gifs, and animations plus details on hostname specifications

Details on hosting in-person plus message templates, branding, icebreakers

Special considerations for hosting video calls and overview of tools

Special considerations for hosting voice calls and templates for Clubhouse

Special considerations for facilitating conversations about climate change

Special considerations for facilitating conversations about urgent issues

Let's connect

You all are the heartbeat of our community. The way you bring your passion, expertise, and guests together exemplifies how community and impact — our core values — are fostered through small group conversations about big ideas! We want to co-create the community with you and help you get to know each other. Please consider these connection opportunities:

Enjoy pictures of Circles around the world and a video of hosts sharing special reflections.