@ London Cabaret Club at Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square


Opening session + dinner

An interactive opening evening designed to build connections across the group. We’ll also explore the wise leadership needed to tackle tough dilemmas through a fireside conversation with Manish Bhardwaj and Mary Robinson. Please arrive on time for a 5:30pm start.


@ The Barbican Centre, Silk St


Enjoy a light breakfast and coffee. Doors to the theater open at 8:30am.


Dilemma Session 1

Conversation starter TED-style talks with opportunities for participant contribution. Focus on the state of science, geopolitics and economics. What’s not working, and how’s the current system failing? Perspectives from around the world on how we need to act.

Contributors: Hongqiao Liu, Shuang Tan Newsletter; Jérôme Schmitt, Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, Forum for Energy; Laurence Tubiana, European Climate Foundation; Myles Allen, University of Oxford; Rebekah Shirley, WRI Africa; Tessa Khan, Uplift; Vijaya Ramachandran, The Breakthrough Institute; Zoë Knight, HSBC.

Hosts: Lindsay Levin and David Biello.


Dilemma Session 2

Different perspectives on the pathways forward. How do we navigate these complex, interconnected challenges?

Contributors: Adair Turner, Energy Transitions Commission; Emily Grubert, University of Notre Dame; Helima Croft, RBC; James Mnyupe, Namibian Presidency; Jason Bordoff, Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy; John Woolard, Meridian Clean Energy; Luisa Neubauer, Fridays for Future; Ramez Naam, Singularity University; Viviana Canhão Coelho, Petrobras.

Hosts: Lindsay Levin and David Biello.



Workshops 1

Participate in hands-on, participant-led workshops designed to explore problems and potential solutions.

Workshops 2

More workshops to choose from, plus a chance to spotlight your own work, continue an unfinished conversation, or focus on next steps with new collaborators. This time is designed to be emergent and creative!

Closing session