Arrows' School of Advancement

It's school that fits the way you learn.

Busy schedules? Part-time jobs? Currently home schooled? Attending a charter school? Unique learning styles? When it comes to school, today's students have different needs. Introducing Tecumseh Local Schools' Arrows' School of Advancement. Now students can take all the classes they need, online, with one-on-one help from Ohio-certified and highly qualified teachers. Challenging curriculum with real support to earn a real diploma - at no cost to you!

Contact: Virtual Education Coordinator Russ Ostrowski, M.Ed

School: (937) 845-4500 • Cell: (937) 260-3310


Hours: Monday-Thursday 7:15am-2:15pm • Friday by request

Location: Tecumseh High School - 9830 W. National Rd., New Carlisle, Ohio 45344