Tech Maker Tools

• Easy start and steady path with different quality tools

• Projects that encourage blending different tools for more creative output

Video Lessons

• Easy to Understand, with visual and auditory help

• Follow along, skip, repeat and Pause for Personalized Pace

Earn Badges

• Students Earn Digital Badges as they complete lessons and objectives

• Provides Visual Simple Visual Tracking of Progress


• Students Create Original Presentations

• Clearly Communicates Process, Thinking and Project

Original Project Creation

• Students Create Original Projects, scaffolded by TechyKids

• Projects Can be Created and Shared Easily


Teacher Dashboard

• Visually Track Student and Class Progress

• Intuitive Graphic Overview

• Downloadable Student Data

Instant Student Registrations

• Easily Manage One or Multiple Classes

• Quick Register Students by importing list

Site Licenses

Customize Courses

• Use the Content you like, and Adjust it or add your own!

• Easy to Personalize learning and make it subject and level appropriate

Collaborate Across

• Easily plan and visualize an interdisciplinary project

• Multiple teachers can easily track student progress