You will be able to select two workshops to attend each day. When you fill in your workshop submissions form, your first choice for Thursday will be Workshop 1 and your second choice will be Workshop 2 and your first choice for Friday will be Workshop 3 and your second choice will be Workshop 4. Hopefully you will get both of your choices.


Geocaching, Treasure Hunt via QR codes - Adventure Race

Tutor- Mark Buckland

Game building OR Virtual Reality

Tutor- Richard Buckland

Coding, Movie Making, Animation, Garage Band

Tutor-Danny Hamilton and Year 6 Experts

Coding and Robotics/ Green Screening

Tutor- Melissa Dow


Tutor - Rex Morris


Scottie -


Tania Coutts

Former Workshops

Stop Motion Animation

Tutor- Ben Soole

Use iPads, iPods and video equipment to create out of this world movies using stop motion techniques. We will explore the best stop motion apps and also how everyday video cameras and still cameras can help you to create awesome and amazing videos that will blow your friends away.

iPhoto - Snap, Shot Shoot!!!

Tutor- Ken Ward

At the digital photography day you will...

Learn the secrets for taking great photos

Discover some special features of digital cameras

Learn about composition, texture, perspective, the rule of thirds and other photographic mumbo jumbo

Take lots of great photos

Set your photographs to music

Lets Get Arty! (Thursday)

Tutor- Lisa Ferris

Use a device to create a multi layered image that will impress your friends and family!

Minecraft Mania (Friday)

Tutor- Lisa Ferris

Jump feet first into the virtual learning world of Minecraft. Use a range of Minecraft tools to help explain the scientific world around you. During this session you will craft, create explain, and WOW us with your creations!!!

Animation Fun

Tutor- Heidi Groves/ Courtney de Boer

Create exciting animation movies quickly and easily. With I Can Animate you will bring the art of creating stop-frame animations to life. You will begin by making a simple animation, then move on to using a storyboard to order your ideas and create a detailed animation. A fun interactive session where you create your own animation.

iPad Word Magic

Tutor- Brenda Lewis

Turning photos and words into works of art - Have you heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well now you can create your own piece of art using the iPads. We will use some apps that turn your photos and words into amazing typographic works of art. Come and find out how to do this using aTypo Picture, Word Foto and Word Collage.


Tutor- Paul Banks (Sitech Systems NZ Ltd.)

Want to learn how to programme a robot to race around our race track? Or to spell out a word? Or to go shopping? Or to go to a grid reference and find buried treasure? You can even make your own scenario.

Nail that and we have our probot to play with which can be programmed to draw shapes, put its light on when it goes into dark spaces, reverse when it hits an obstacle and beep when you want it to!

Fully interactive, hands on session that will leave you wanting more.